Leather, material par excellence of high quality automobiles

Lorenzo Justo



LORENZO JUSTO devotes himself for 20 years to the drapery of Cars UPHOLSTERY, both to professionals of the sector and to individuals, continuing faithfully the different designs of factory, creating the unique environment inside your car.

Between many advantages that your vehicle can offer to drape, the following ones can be outlined:

- Been able to choose between a great variety of colors and skins
- Designs of your taste
- After-sales maintenance and advice
- Emboss the value of your vehicle
- Considerable saving of the cost of the product with regard to the factory
- Reduce cost of the refill
- Short time of wait

In LORENZO JUSTO we give total guarantee of your draperies, suitable products of cleanliness, urgent service of repair, after-sales service, restoration of the leather, dyed, etc..

The handcrafted manufacture, the most advanced technology and rigorous quality controls in the selection of the raw materialscommodities, join to LORENZO JUSTO to create the comfortable, personalized and unique environment in your car.

Designed by Ignacio Justo